Who did you thank?

Celebrating the Pride of Australia

We’re for celebrating the kind, brave, selfless people who have helped get us through 2020. From the wonderful nurses, doctors, paramedics, fire fighters, teachers and police officers to our mums, dads, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles or grandparents, or maybe the neighbours, our farmers, supermarket workers, posties, bakers, pharmacists, delivery drivers and so many more.

Who helped you get through 2020?

The judges had a difficult task selecting the following names from countless worthy nominees from around Australia, but these Thanks A Million nominees have each won a $200 Woolworths voucher and we thank them for their community efforts in 2020.


Gayus Donoghue

Beck Rayner

Deanne Britton

Danny Salsbury

Mark Hamilton

Helen Bell

Joshua Dows

Ashley Stephenson


Alex Dekker

Nathaniel Diong

Joy Ipsen

Emma Macreadie

Barbara Donelson

Freya Owen and Christy Hopwood (joint nomination)

Bernardo Tobias

Margaret Marion

Fiona Cracknell


Alan Steven, Salvos

Debbie Mundy

Irfan Hashmi

Brenda Hutchinson

Rachel Hibble

Sarah Davies

Liz Stanley

Aida Garcia


Charles Vesely

Courtney Irvine

Jacqueline Larsen

Monica Ralphs

Jeff Taylor

Jean Croft

Michael Gurney

Katrina Spraggon


Matthew Fishwick

Jarnail Singh

Paul Shanthapriyan

Kitchen staff at Lillian Martin aged care facility (joint nomination)

Alan Leitch

Kate Sice


Alison Meighan

Renae Mead

Donna-Lea Britton

Anne Dacre


Yolandi Vermaak

Samantha Kourtis


Rhonda Cutterbuck

Joy Scott

Julie Darnell

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